Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Coming Soon

Here's what you can look forward to this Winter:

Permanent destination pages:  Currently the mobile pages for individual destinations do not have a static address.  Giving them a static address will allow businesses to link to their stop or post a qr code to their stop.

Draft/Final Tour:  A new page will be created to edit tours (instead of the view tour page).  This will free up some space to add more information about finished tours(See below).  Users will also be given the option to save a tour as a draft or publish a finished tour

More information on Tour Page:  Information such as number of stops, brief tour description, date last modified, and date created will be added.  Also, Tour/stop endorsements will be added for sites who link to 10StopTours.com

Sources: Users will be given a place to cite the source of an image and copyright status of that image.  A separate field will also be created to cite text (instead of doing it in the description box)

Mobile Site: A "Back to Tour" button will be added to destination pages, the formatting (text size) of the mobile home page will be fixed

Social Media:  A Facebook/Google Plus page will be created.

Under the Hood: Meta-tag descriptions will be added, repeat PHP pages will be remove IE sort=Name

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